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Guntamatic Biomass Boilers

Arc Heating & Plumbing Service fit and intsall fully automated state of the art Guntamatic Biomass Boilers. Austrian manufacturer, Guntamatic have been building boilers for over 45 years and have taken combustion technology to a new level. All pellet and chip machines operate at up to 96% efficiency, and log burners up to 94% - there is virtually no ash. Heat output can be varied infinitely over the range of the machine and they are safe and easy to use and maintain.

The best pellet heating system, for all homeowners is now available. With a vacuum pellet supply system providing you with multiple pellet store location options, Guntamatic has shown with this model that it is at the forefront of biomass wood fuelling in the area of design flexibility.

  • Energy saving fully modulated output
  • Reliable pellet discharge by means of integrated auger
  • 100% burn back protection with a durable rotary sluice valve
  • Low maintenance with self-cleaning mechanism and a high rate of dust removal

biomass boiler

Superior Design

The new BIOSTAR is a real gem. From now on you can simply forget about having to worry about dealing with the heating. Our user-friendly technology takes care of it all.

  • From 3 – 23 KW, infinitely variable bio modular burning, providing the right amount of heat at the right time
  • Fully automatic from the wood to the ash, with automated self-cleaning mechanism
  • Patented: Low temperature combustion process without condensation
  • All critical components specified with 200% safety margin
  • Menu guided operation – simple, safe and easy to use
  • 02 guided process monitoring

Wood Pellet Stoves

Good quality pellet stoves will burn at up to 92% efficiency

The wood pellet stove is usually filled with fuel every couple of days, depending on use, simply by tipping a bag or bucket of wood pellets into the internal hopper through a panel located on the top.

When the wood pellet stove is switched on, pellets are augured from the hopper into a small burning chamber where they are ignited by an electric probe.

A thermostat in the flue senses when the stove is alight and the machine then doses pellets into the chamber in the appropriate quantity to achieve the level of heating required.

In reality, a Central Heating Wood Pellet Stove is a highly efficient central heating boiler. It can provide all the heating requirements, both for central heating and hot water use with ease; if there is an increase in demand the stove adjusts the amount of pellets fed into the burning chamber.

As with modern fossil fuel boilers the stove also contains both a pressure vessel and a central heating pump.

Wood pellet stoves are sized to heat the room in which they are installed, so they tend to be of a lower output than central heating stoves. Most can be programmed to switch on and off up to two times daily, so a cosy fire could be awaiting your return from work!

Arc Heating & Plumbing Services are trained installers of solid fuel stoves, wood pellet stoves, wood pellet boilers and wood gasification boilers. If you would like any further information about any of the services or products listed on our website please contact us today.

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