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Solar Panel Systems by Worcester-Bosch

Arc Heating & Plumbing Services are registered installers and suppliers Kingspan solar heating products here in Ireland. Worcester's Greenskies solar panels harness the power in direct as well as diffused sunlight, converting the energy to heat, producing hot water for your home or business. A typical well-sized solar panel system should provide around 50-70% of your annual domestic hot water requirements, representing a very worth while saving on hot water heating costs.

Greenskies solar panels have been designed as a complement to existing heating systems, which use a store of hot water in a cylinder. The existing cylinder is exchanged for one with two heat exchanger coils: one from the boiler in the property and a second from the solar panels.

  • Efficient panels with 95% absorption rate
  • Selective coating on panels - increases collector performance, even on cloudy days
  • Installation solutions for on-roof, roof integration, flat roof and wall mounted at 45°
  • Portrait and landscape panels * Simple to use controller
  • Solar safety glass
  • Robust panel design
  • Easy to fit
  • CE mark
  • Solar keymark (European Quality Mark)

Solar Panels

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Greenskies FKC-1S solar panel
Emissions* 12±2%

Kingspan solar panel

Greenskies FKC-1W solar panel
Emissions* 12±2%

home boiler solar energy

Greenskies FKT-1S solar panel
Emissions* 5±2%

solar heating

Greenskies FKT-1W solar panel
Emissions* 5±2%

*Percentage of absorbed solar energy reflected back into the atmosphere by the collectors.

Flat Plates

Evacuated tubes are the absorber of the solar water heater. They absorb solar energy converting it into heat for use in water heating. Evacuated tubes have already been used for years in Germany, Canada, China and the UK. There are several types of evacuated tubes in use in the solar industry. The most common is the "twin-glass tube". This type of tube is chosen for its reliability, performance and low manufacturing cost.

Why use evacuated tubes?

As you would know if you have used a glass-lined thermos flask, a vacuum is an excellent insulator. This is important because once the evacuated tube absorbs the radiation from the sun and converts it to heat we don't want to lose it!! The vacuum helps to achieve this. The insulation properties are so good that while the inside of the tube may be 150ºC / 304ºF , the outer tube is cold to touch. This means that evacuated tube water heaters can perform well even in cold weather when flat plate collectors perform poorly due to heat loss (during high Delta-T conditions).

Exmaple Solar Panel System layout for your home

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Registered Kingspan Solar Accredited Installer

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