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Why Harvest your Rain?

  • Save valuable drinking water which will reduce your water bills and the volume of water taken from the environment
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals and energy needed to treat and transport water to your home via the mains water supply
  • Provide an alternative water supply for day-to-day household activities (e.g. toilet flushing) independent of the mains water supply
  • Reduce the volume of storm water leaving your property and minimize flooding

Harvested rainwater can be directly used for a variety of purposes, flushing the toilet, washing clothes, cleaning cars, watering the garden. With additional treatment rainwater can be used for washing dishes, showers and baths, and drinking. Having your own store of rainwater makes your household independent of the mains water supply and allows you to water your garden when there is a hosepipe ban.

Rainwater Harvesting system
  1. Water main
  2. Storage tank
  3. Main control panel
  4. Level display unit
  5. In-line filter 120 microns
  6. Internal rain filter
  7. External rain filter
  8. Pump
  9. Header tank
  10. Tundish valve
  11. Mains top-up to tank
  12. External tap

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